Matt Whiteford – PhilaMOCA 5/24/22 – Photo: Vince Barreras


Cigarettes for Breakfast was founded by Matthew Paul Whiteford in the winter of 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. Mainly inspired by ’90s alternative bands, such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride, Cigarettes for Breakfast exhibits classic shoegaze elements, including a plethora of effects, intricate pedal-work and washy, droning guitars.  


After playing in many bands, Whiteford decided to start his own project where he could have creative freedom and draw on his own personal influences. The Cigarettes for Breakfast EP was recorded and mixed by Whiteford in his bedroom. Tony Rossi was brought in to record drums, as well as vocalists Cameron Kynett and Becca Katz. The EP was originally only intended to be a studio side project and was independently released February 20, 2020 on all streaming platforms. Whiteford made CDs and manually recorded cassette tapes with a tape deck, which have been floating around record stores in Philadelphia ever since.“Daylight” off of the Cigarettes for Breakfast EP was named #9 on Australian radio station 91.1 Tribe FM’s “Vapor Trail” top 50 for 2020.

Almost immediately following the debut, the Cigarettes for Breakfast EP started gaining traction. Fans purchased tapes and CDs from all over the world. 2020 unfolded as it did and Whiteford felt inspired to create something deeper and more impactful. And Aphantasia was born.




the inability to form mental images of real or imaginary people, places, or things.

Aphantasia was created during the COVID-19 lockdown. Titles like “Aphantasia” as well as “If Someone Could Help Me, Please.” emerged from the stress of living in a world where people fail to see the big picture and struggle to wrap their heads around difficult concepts. Taking a more cinematic approach, the album features intense feedback and lush atmospheres, which tells a story that leaves the listener feeling stuck—but then is ultimately left with a sense of hope. Early on in the album, the listener can feel the anxiety and angst especially in the title, “Breathe,” which features droning guitars, eerie synths, heavy drums and a chaotic baseline. The frenzied music written by Whiteford is offset by the angelic voice of new member, Donnie CoCo creating a beautiful yet hectic contrast in harmony.

 The second half of the album winds down, leaving the listener in ethereal bliss. This sensation is best exemplified by the final title, “If Someone Could Help Me, Please.” with its scenic, hazy guitar swells and underlying whispery vocals. Aphantasia takes listeners on a journey while Cigarettes for Breakfast expands their musical horizons. Aphantasia was independently released September 25th, 2020 and charted #106 on the NAAC chart the week of October 20th.


January 20, 2021 release , Wait, attempts to encapsulate an argument between two parents from the perspective of a child. Its distant, dreamlike quality echos only bits and pieces, but still brings forth bleak memories of childhood nostalgia.

This two track single has sparked the interest of publications such as WXPN’s The Key, Mystic Sons, Tome to the Weather Machine, etc. Wait continues to further solidify Cigarettes for Breakfast goal to keep pushing the sonic boundaries of shoegaze & dream-pop while attempting to encapsulate the simple, chaotic, emotional, and beautiful nature of life. Wait was mixed by Matt Whiteford at The Hatch Studio and mastered by Alex Santilli at Spicehouse Sound.

The band is currently working on a full length album.

Chris Doyle, Donnie CoCo, Cameron Kynett, Matt Whiteford, Tony Rossi (Cigarettes for Breakfast live band 2020-2022)